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Frequently Asked Questions

Our job is tutoring students who feel they are temporarily not doing as well as they know they can. Many questions arise when students and/or their parents look for tutors to help them. Here below are some of the questions we have got through the years. This is a great place for you to submit a question concerning.



Are the tutors qualified to teach my subject?

All our tutors are experienced tutors and know the subject very well. You can ask for the tutors credentials before the first tutoring session begins.


How do I get into your student database?

Go to the student section and sign up to be a student by filling out the student registration form.



How do I search for tutors?


Go to find a tutor on the find a tutor page.

If I do not find a tutor?

We try to find a tutor for you. We have qualified tutors with a wide range of skills and expertise. Please fill out the contact form on the studentregistration page or send us an e-mail for more information.

Will I definitely get a tutor?

You can check for availability of tutors at certain times and in certain school subjects. If there is a match between your requests and the availability you will get a tutor.

How can I get the most out of my tutoring lessons?

Please go to the tutoring section and read the how to use your tutor section


How much does the tutoring cost?

Our rates are very affordable.The rate we quote you depends on the subject and grade level. There are many variables involved that determine the rate we quote you. To give you an accurate rate go to the tutors list to find each individual tutor´s fee.


When and where do the tutoring sessions usually occur?
The tutoring is done at the student´s or the tutor´s home anytime after school, and in some cases on the weekends. During the summer the tutoring sessions can be scheduled for anytime of day. The sessions can also occur at a place both the student and the tutor agree upon.


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